About Me.

Zayene Bechir
Photographer and Film Director


Im Zayene Bechir,  a photographer born and raised in Mahdia, a charming little maritime town. Since my youth, my love for art and photography has been the guiding thread of my life. I developed a particular passion for capturing the spontaneous moments that adorn our daily lives.

My photographic journey has been a fascinating adventure, leading me to explore various fields such as events, street photography, and fashion photography. Each shot I capture tells a story, freezing fleeting moments in time.

Over time, I felt the desire to diversify my artistic expression. This is how I started creating simple videos, delving into the world of filmmaking. From this evolution emerged the commercial director in me. Today, I am proud to combine my skills in photography and filmmaking to offer a rich and captivating visual experience.

I deeply believe that every day on Earth is an adventure in itself, deserving to be lived and exploited. My work aims to capture this essence, freeze significant moments, and share visual stories that resonate with the authenticity of life.