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Zayene Bechir
Art director and Photographer


My name is Bechir Zayene, I’m an Artist born and raised in Mahdia Tunisia ; Living in a small town of the city La Marsa ,Tunis .

I’m self taught with sincere passion for beautiful sights , I love to capture and collect these random yet defining moments of humanity and everyday life. Street photography allows us to discover people, without saying a word, we can discover different layers of personality . I started taking photos and making videos as a freelancer but since then I’ve worked with professional institutions, organizations and associations in several artistic fields like fashion, musical events, gaming events, documentaries…

My passion for video games led me to work as a UI/UX Artist in a game development studio Later, I worked as an art director for an advertising company in Paris , I was maintaining a vision and representing a captivating image to the viewers.

Founder of BENNA STUDIO, a client friendly service ,that collects a group of young artists.