KHOOKHA. A human being before any label that can be stuck to her. KHOOKHA, is an endearing, sensitive, gentle person and much more than that.
Qualities invisible to some. The cause beingtheir systematic rejection of what is different, their rejection of KHOOKHA. Is it because she is queer? Or because it escapes their definition of virility and their definition of femininity.

How can we refuse a person because she.he has chosen to be herself, to be what she.he really wants to be, without offending or hurting anyone? The question that arises here is: what is your fucking problem?

This is where all of our problems lie. You have to accept yourself as you are to be able to accept the others as they are – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.
As long as the person in question has not hurt us, we have no right to judge them. It is applicable for all of you, for all of us.
Tell yourself that the hatred and violence poured out on a person other than you will one day sweep over you. Be tolerant and kind to everyone. This is how we can claim to be human.

Through KHOOKA, a thousand questions can be asked. One of them revolves around the situation and freedom of women in the Arab world. In some societies, women are still seen through an archaic prism, a prism forcing the woman to stay at home, unable to act as she pleases, submissive. In some societies, it is forbidden (this ban usually takes the form of advice) to go out on the streets in clothing qualified as seductive. If a misfortune happens to her outside the 4 walls of her house, she is the only culprit. In some societies, women are just a wife and a mother, stripped of their rights to education, work, to experience life.

The list of these examples is endless. Look at the woman as a human being and not as a female, as an equal and not as a prey, as a partner and not as an object. Find out what she can
add, improve, deepen in us and in the world.

I’m talking about the woman, a woman, like in the photo. If you only see a man in the photo, I would like to ask you the question: what is your fucking problem?